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The company

Compagnia Italiana Sali (CIS) was formed in 1968 as a family business, at a time when the state still had a monopoly in the production of salt, except for some special statute regions (Sicily and Sardinia), where extraction both from mines and sea was allowed by private companies.

In 1974 finally the sale of edible salt was liberalized and CIS starts to distribute it in Italy entering immediately the market with the brand Gemma which spread soon in Retail. In 1981, Compagnia Italiana Sali joined the Group Salins, the biggest European producer of salt.

In addition to the food industry, Compagnia Italiana Sali supplies its products to various industries, such as chemical, textile, thaw, water treatment and many more... At the top of the market of supermarket chains, Compagnia Italiana Sali is now the leading manufacturer of high quality and all natural sea salt with the brand Gemma di mare.
Since always, the group is distinguished not only by experience and expertise, but also for the width of the range, with different brands that can cover different consumer segments, for maximum flexibility to meet the needs of consumers.
Health, environment, safety and quality are the values on which the Group bases its business and then directs their choices in terms of investment, organization, strategy, brand marketing and training for its employees.


The cult of the Client
The culture of Result
The spirit of initiative
The strength of the team
The passion of Men


Provide solutions for all applications related to salt
Achieving excellence of our work for our clients
Engage fully in a responsible development
Develop unique skills
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