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The company

Salins is the European specialist of salt, and it deals exclusively with the production and trade of sodium chloride in both marine and mineral origin, distributing it in all its forms and for different purposes.

It is the only producer of salt in Europe to use all 3 different production technologies: solar, thermal and mining, reaching a production capacity of about 4 million tonnes, divided into different production sites, and the salt pans are spread throughout the Mediterranean basin and the Atlantic, while the mines are located in France.

In addition to production sites Group Salins has some industrial sites in Europe and Africa: 6 in France (Varangéville, Aigues Mortes, Salins de giraud,, Berre, Batz and St.Malo), 4 in Spain (Cortes, Torreveja, Almeria and El Pinet), 3 in Tunisia (Sousse, Sfax and Zarzis), and 1 in Italy (Porto Viro). The group's headquarters is located in Levallois, near Paris.

In countries where it has no plants, Group Salins is supported by another company, Export Division, which markets salts both bulk and packaged. The group is also present in North America thanks to the collaboration with Morton Salt, a world leader.

The know-how of Salins is known and recognized at international level, it has a leading worldwide technical support with regard to the sea salt, and its brands are synonymous with quality and safety: La Baleine, Le Saunier de Camargue, Gemma di Mare, Aqua, Salinor, Sodi, Disal, etc..
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