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Salt for industrial use
Modern processes of production of recrystallized salt, used in Salins plants, allow the creation of hyperpure salt (with a content of sodium chloride higher than 99.9%), free from all impurities for the resins.
Salins group tabs are obtained by compressing this hyperpure salt between two cylinders; a high compression rate makes (aggiungere la “c” a “consentono” nell’italiano) them very resistant to impacts and to crushing.
The shape of these tabs ensures a good dissolution and avoids the formation of adhesions and empty spaces in softeners.
Our tablets for softening are in accordance to EN 973 type A in force and those made in France, also have the NF mark certification of French quality.

AQUA PROTECT TABS: a Salins novelty with an exclusive formula of hyperpure salt and of an active agent protector of the resins that can greatly improve the quality and performance of the softener resin, sold in a handy pack of 18 kg with handle.

AQUA DUXION TABS: High quality tablets for softening water produced in France, in the shape of a bearing with a high degree of purity, whiteness and resistance.

AQUA CRISTAL TABS: High quality tablets for softening water, cylindrical shape. Produced in Italy with hyperpure salt that ensures optimal regeneration of the resins.

RESIMAX TABS: Tablets for water softening in the shape of a bearing with an interesting value/price.

SALT IN GRAIN RESIMAX: (economic line): coarse sea salt in an average diameter of 4.5 mm to be used for water softening.
Why choosing a salt sterilizer?
The procedure known Salt water chlorination allows to sanitize the pool water according to an electrolytic process that generates sodium hypochlorite in the pool water in which it was previously dissolved sodium chloride.
Sterilizers salt take advantage of a technology already widely used for over thirty years in the United States and Australia and recently their use is becoming increasingly common in many European countries, including Italy.
The adoption of this system in addition to allowing a perfect sanitation, allows to obtain a quality of the pool water truly incomparable. In fact, the saline solution makes the water very clear and crystalline, virtually devoid of chemical compounds (chloramines) that, in addition to make it opaque, are more and more often the cause of allergies and intolerances. Swimming pools with saline is especially nice, leaves your skin not irritated and "dry", does not bleach clothing and allows you to swim with your eyes open. In addition, this choice is particularly popular among pool owners as it greatly simplifies maintenance and sterilizers are installed without changes to any system.

Modern processes of production of recrystallized salt used in Salins plants allow the creation of hyperpure salt (with a content of sodium chloride higher than 99.9%), free of any impurities for the coating of the pools.

NEPTUNE 2 IN 1: Tablets obtained by compression of a mixture of hyperpure salt and a UV stabilizer, in a pre-dosed quantity, essential to prolong the long life of the chlorine generated.

AQUASWIM ACTI PLUS: tabs with an exclusive formula 4 in 1:
- Salt used to disinfect water and make it crystal clear.
- UV stabilizer to take the chlorine from tablets up to 3 times longer.
- Decalcifier that holds the calcium ions to prevent the deposit on the edges of the pool.
- Anticorrosive which helps protect the metal parts of the pool.
The totality of our value chain is Italian,
and here we want to emphasize, as the actual production (screening, washing, drying and packaging), takes place at the Porto Viro Rovigo, cutting-edge industrial and virtuous example of Italian manufacturing workshop. Our goal is to create excellence. Excellence that comes from the strict control of the raw material, thanks to the passion, the experience of the people who follow the production chain, with advanced machinery and certifications HACCP and ISO9001. You only preserving the technique and craft our own country that generates excellence in a broad and multifaceted market like today. In this we are proud to be Italian.
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