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Italiana Sali

Health, environment, innovation, quality: these are the values that make CIS a health-conscious, solid, market-leading company. Capable of meeting the needs of their consumers, focusing particularly on the quality of raw materials and well-being of people, without neglecting the food trends and values of Italians during meals.

Our Story


Compagnia Italiana Sali is a leader in the production of precious and completely natural sea salt, branded Gemma di Mare.


Born in Italy, after the monopoly on salt production was abolished, and when the first private companies in the industry began to be created.


CIS enters the MMR, soon becoming a market leader, with the brand Gemma di Mare.


CIS joins the Salins Group, European leader in the production of sea and mineral salt.

Our promise

It is a Guarantee
of Quality

CIS has always stood out for its experience, specialization and variety of ranges, having different brands that allow it to reach different target markets and meet the need of its consumers, while providing solutions for every use of salt. Health, environment, safety, and quality are the pillars on which this company bases its activity and have always driven its choices.

Made in Italy
Production Chain

Gemma di Mare salt production chain is completely made in Italy: sifting, washing, drying, iodizing and packaging take place in the plant of Porto Viro, Rovigo area, true forerunner industry, virtuous example of Italian production workshop.

Porto Viro

A 60,000 m2 factory, of which 11,000 are indoors, and 45 employees, with cutting-edge technology with low environmental impact installations, where approximately 230 thousand tons of salt are produced and marketed each year. A true production centre of excellence.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment on Responsible Development

Attention to environmental protection areour fundamental values, as shown in the factory of Porto Viro –completely renovated and modernized in 2018, it benefits from natural light thanks to windows with unbreakable panels (to avoid the risk of glass contamination) and it has special aspiration filters for dust removal. Inside there is a quality department monitoring the production processes, the final product, and performing competitive benchmarking.


The entire production chain complies with the HACCP standard and the plant has the most important quality certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and IFS Food.