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On the Alpine Ski World Championships slopes in Cortina 21

In recent days, our Salt Marino Margherita Grosso 25 kg format has contributed to the maintenance of the slopes ski, which have been the flagship of Italy in the international ski scene.

Gemma di Mare Bicarbonate Elected Product of the Year 2021

An important recognition was received by Compagnia Italiana Sali which, since its inception, has made quality, innovation and attention to the well-being and needs of its consumers its strengths and the keys to its success.
Bicarbonate with the Gemma di Mare brand, on the market since last autumn, was elected Product of the Year 2021, the Innovation Award awarded to new products and services launched on the Italian market, which stand out thanks to the red and white logo, synonymous of quality and reliability. The chosen products are in fact chosen by 12,000 consumers who evaluate, through a market research conducted by the IRI Research Institute, the degree of innovation and satisfaction and can boast the prestigious Logo in all their communication for a year.

"We are proud of this recognition - explain the company - which once again confirms the spirit of innovation of the company which, since its birth over 50 years ago, has always been able to offer innovative products capable of satisfying and even anticipating the needs of the market, with particular attention to the quality of raw materials, the well-being and health of consumers and sustainability. Over the years we have continued to differentiate and expand the range of products more and more, without ever moving away from these values, also working a lot on packaging, to offer the public increasingly practical, anti-waste, captivating and full of useful information packages. Today this effort has been rewarded ”.

Gemma di Mare bicarbonate
And, in fact, Gemma di Mare Bicarbonate perfectly responds to the characteristics of innovation, sustainability, quality, functionality that a "Product of the Year" must have. First of all, the multiplicity of daily uses - from cleaning to cooking to beauty - which make it a real must have in every home. Secondly, being available in 4 different formats to meet the different needs of consumers: from the 1 kg format in recyclable cardboard for larger families to the smart one for smaller households; from the 600 gr plastic spreader, practical and functional, with a graduated transparent column to show the level and quantity of product inside as it is used; to the pack of 20 single-dose sachets of 10 gr, “handy”, for a calibrated personal use, practical, to avoid waste, and also very hygienic. Finally, the packaging, very colorful and impactful, full of valuable information and advice on use for the consumer.


After this period of health crisis due to Covid-19, the Ministry of Health contacted many cafes, bars, canteens and restaurants, inviting them not to equip themselves anymore and not to let customers use the typical glass (or plastic) salt spreaders. as they pass from hand to hand, they can be carriers of germs and bacteria.

All in favor of single-dose and disposable sachets, more hygienic and more practical. The Ministry of Health itself therefore contacted the producers and distributors of salt (and other primary seasonings) inviting them to expand their range with single-dose sachets of their seasoning. So here is the novelty signed by Gemma di mare: a tower display with a "wolf's mouth" opening and captivating graphics that contains 500 1g sachets of iodized salt. Ideal for bars, canteens and collective catering, it is the practical and hygienic solution to always have your own salt, the main condiment, available. Already portioned, in a convenient disposable sachet to avoid waste and comply with the hygiene rules in force today. All the quality of our Iodato, in this small (but smart) format

Product Innovation 2020

The new 500 g boxes of iodised sea saltfine and coarse, and medium-grain unrefined meet the needs of consuming products that are reduced in quantity but not in quality.
Made of recycled and totally recyclable cardboard, the new packs are completed with interesting information about salt, its uses, its types and many recipes, as well as an important new indication:
the seal that guarantees the high stability and persistence of iodine even during cooking.

Mini-campagna on Corriere della Sera

Italy starts again.
We at Compagnia Italiana Sali have never stopped.

With the aim of thanking all those who, during the most critical phases of the emergency and in full lockdown, have never stopped because they are convinced that our country, that of excellence, is able not only to raise its head but above all the idea of ​​developing a mini-campaign on Corriere della Sera, linked to a broader communication activity, called "THE SALT ... OUR HISTORY" was born.

And among the many companies that have not bowed to Covid, we are also part of Compagnia Italiana Sali!

We are waiting for you on news-stands:
today, Friday 8 May, with an open letter, signed by the Management that summarizes the immense THANK YOU that the company means to all those who have allowed the work and supply of our raw material to the nation's industry and supermarkets;
tomorrow, Saturday 9 May and Sunday 10 May, Mother's Day, inside the newspaper.

Enjoy the reading!

"The salt ... our story" new spot on Youtube

It is a 20 '' video, conveyed on all our digital properties: on our sites ( and, on our YouTube channel Gemma di Mare, on Facebook and Instagram, object in these days of a particular In Stream campaign right on the Youtube channel.
In detail, the spot will start in pre roll, that is, before the use of any other video requested and selected on the channel by the user, if this user falls within the universe of values ​​pertaining to our world and our product, the salt, going to communicate directly to our buyer person.
It is a highly targeted and punctual activity, broadcast on a channel, Youtube, which is currently one of the most used by the population, even more than TV.
The message is very simple and intimate: it is the salt itself that speaks, in first person, telling of a millennial relationship with man and revealing his intrinsic richness.
Furthermore, at this particular moment, we would like to reiterate how important it is to stay at home, to help those who help us. It is not a sacrifice, but an act of love.
So let the salt, a precious gem, tell its story, show itself and speak to us whispering in the ear that has been and is witness to a unique bond that has written the history of man ... our history.

Podium and bronze medal for the Himalayan purple salt, the Kala Namak.

Podium and bronze medal for the Himalayan purple salt, the Kala Namak, branded Gemma di Mare at the prestigious Food 2020 Award - Best Innovation in the category Seasonings and Basic ingredients.
Evaluated by an internal jury of experts and a panel of consumers representative of the Italian population through a survey conducted by Doxa, the purple salt, launched at the beginning of 2019, was particularly appreciated under all the parameters analyzed: from the intrinsic organoleptic characteristics of the matter first, to the practicality of the packaging, up to the sale price to the consumer. A real success, which fills us with pride and makes us believe more and more in the work of our women and men, committed every day to offer the best products to the consumer, at the highest quality.

CIS donates 2 tons of iodized salt to the Italian Red Cross of Chioggia

Compagnia Italiana Sali, with the Gemma di mare brand, helps to help those who help us.
Yesterday, 2 April 2020, 2 pallets (corresponding to about 2 tons) of fine and coarse iodized salt under the Gemma di mare brand, the company's top brand, were donated to the Red Cross of Chioggia. Iodized salt, the essential raw material for the supply of the Association's kitchens and canteens. CIS thus provides useful support to all the health personnel, our Heroes, who daily fight for us during this huge tragedy against Covid-19, an invisible and ferocious enemy. Thanks to all of them, who gives us the strength to go forward with renewed confidence, our heartfelt thanks go. We are with you guys!
# togetherwewillmakeit #iorestoacasa #andratuttobene


Always oriented towards transparent and targeted communication, aimed at raising public awareness, with the aim of providing food and nutrition education, but above all to continue our commitment to transmit correct and complete messages that point to the properties and characteristics of the salt, we we invite you to learn more about:

Kala Namak at SANA 2019

This year we chose SANA - the International Biological and Natural Exhibition - to officially present our new Himalayan purple salt: Kala Namak!
Guests at the FunnyVeg Academy stand, during all the days of the show, we told its story and revealed its characteristics and together with the chef Simone Salvini we prepared a delicious light Kala Namak salt Mayonnaise which, with its surprising and decisive flavor has conquered all palates.

Keep following us to not miss our next appointments.

Discover "Health Project" by Gemma di mare

Gemma di Mare, always attentive to the consumption of good salt, becomes Sponsor of Health!

Raising awareness on the correct use of iodized salt during the World Thyroid Week (20 - 26 May), collaborating with specialists, promoting posters and editorial, distributing the story of Salt and Iodine and other information material in the "Me and my baby" bags within the Lombard hospitals and supporting sports initiatives such as the "Padova Marathon", the "Walk for health" in Voghera and the "Mami Run" in Rome.

Compagnia Italiana Sali on La7d

Sponsor of the new Honestly Good program
Compagnia Italiana Sali confirms its presence on television by linking its Gemma di Mare brand to a new program aired on La7d from October to December (episodes visible on streaming on the La7 website).

Honestly Good is the new daily program of the food writer Csaba Dalla Zorza, dedicated to the pleasure of cooking healthy and eating well!

Official supplier for Masterchef All Stars Italia

GEMMA DI MARE is a sponsor of MasterChef Italia All Stars, a spin off of the Master Chef format, from 20 December 2018 for 4 weeks.
The most famous competitors of the previous 7 editions will participate in a high level contest, with historical judges and internationally renowned chefs: Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Joe Bastianich, Antonia Klugman.

An entire episode was also filmed in our salt pans in Aigues Mortes in the Camargue: the episode will be broadcast on SKY UNO on January 27, 2018.

We live together the magic of salt ... in Cibus

We offer you a fantastic immersive experience
We will accompany you to our historic salt warehouses that stand next to the salt pans lit by the hot summer sun.

Come and visit us at Cibus 2018, in Hall 5, Stand I003, from 7 to 10 May. We hope many of you will come!