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Compagnia Italiana Sali   Salt for MMR

Salt for MMR

A range of selected high-quality salt to be sold on the shelves of the most important firms of Mass Market Retailers.

From the brand Gemma di mare, that for almost fourty years has been a benchmark for the consumer, to CIS and Margherita brands from Saunier de Camargue with its fleur de sel and unrefined salt of Camargue to the products for your home  Domestic Range for all domestic purposes.

Food Use

Leader in the production and distribution of top-end sea salt, CIS has a wide range of high-quality products for the MMR, and many brands, sizes and types to meet the needs of consumers.

The range

Domestic Use

Many high-quality products from all-purpose salt to dishwasher salt (also in practical tablets) a range created to ensure the maximum duration and efficiency of the dishwasher and proper cleaning of the dishes.

The range

In Bags

CIS produces a range of salt for food use: classic, iodized, and with different grains in 10kg and 25kg bags.  New additions to the range are the high-purity salt and sea salt in granules or tablets perfect for domestic use, for water treatment or deicing.

The range