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Other industries

Along with the food industry,CIS supplies other industries with its precious salt: from chemical and textile to water treatment and road de-icing. 


Three major sectors of chemistry use salt: the electrolysis of sodium chloride, the creation of sodium carbonate and the creation of sodium sulphate.

Tannery and textile industry

Salt is fundamental to preserve the leather,in the textile industryproduction and different types of dye binding.


Sodium chloride is mixed with other minerals to obtain salt baths with a precise melting temperature used for the carburizing process and to give a higher resistance to the metal surface.
It can also be used in aluminium refining and electroplating processes depositing a thin layer of any metal on another one. And also for painting stoneware and ceramic,for building roadways , explosive safety , floating solar and as an ingredient in cosmetic products.

Salt washed during harvesting and packed in 25kg bags without any treatment.


25kg bag